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Technogym – Interview with Leisure Club Manager Mike Proudlove

With the exciting arrival of the NEW Technogym equipment this week, we caught up with our Leisure Club Manager, Mike Proudlove, to find out more about the equipment and the pieces he’s most looking forward to using with guests and members.

Mike has been part of Team Mere since 2006, previously managing the Leisure Club before the Health Club & Spa was introduced and spends his days managing the Health Club operations, looking after the gym, pool and classes with the team.

Mike, tell us about the new Technogym equipment…

All of the gym cardiovascular equipment (cv) is being replaced with the very latest offering from Technogym, including:

Connect and Go –  Bluetooth® technology connects seamlessly with smart devices, making it easy to log into the equipment and perform a personalized workout. TRACK PROGRESS All training data is automatically saved to your account in the mywellness® cloud and can be viewed from the equipment console or from your personal devices via the mywellness® app.


CLIMB – It will forever change the nature of stair climbing, making it easy for first-timers and ever so challenging for advanced users

SKILLMILL- The first all-round equipment for training Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility

SKILLROW – It’s the first indoor rowing machine capable of improving anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities in a single solution

SKILLBIKE – It enables cycling professionals and enthusiasts to experience the emotion and challenge of outdoor riding in an indoor environment

Alongside this, there will be a new heart rate training monitoring system for the Garden studio called Team Beats

How will Technogym benefit our members and guests using the Health Club?

There will be a variety in member’s workouts that the previous equipment could not offer such as workout programmes to challenge and motivate.

There will also be the option for guests and members to book classes through the Mywellness app that’ll be launching towards the end of March.

Can anyone use the equipment?

It is usable by all, but I would recommend that guests and members book in with the fitness team to be introduced to any of the new pieces of equipment that they may not have used before.  It’s also a great opportunity to have a programme review and set out new goals and targets.

What piece of equipment are you most looking forward to using?

SKILLRUN–  I’m looking forward to the spring training session that this machine will allow, and the new programme challenges that can be set on the climb machine.

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