Henrik Stenson is one of the best strikers in the world of golf. Some might say, this is down to his trademark head movement and decision not to look at the ball on impact.

Many golfers we meet out on our Championship course are led to believe that keeping your head down will improve the accuracy of your shot. However, as Henrik, and other leading players such as Ian Poulter and Annika Sorenstam prove, this may not be the golfing gospel it seems.

Whilst keeping your head down may improve focus, the body then becomes restricted for the subsequent rotation through impact.

To effectively complete your two turns and a hit, the body must be free to shift through the downswing while turning the hips and upper body. Any restriction in this movement makes for a reduction in quality and accuracy.

Henrik Stenson’s begins his head rotation to look at the target, before the ball is struck. Many other world class players also use this technique.

Something to think about when you’re working to improve your shots. For further guidance, speak to the team about tuition from our expert Golf Academy.