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Achieving your fitness goals in 2020

It’s that time of year where you can get a head start on your New Year Resolutions. Too many people start a new fitness programme, but never see it through to achieve the results they were after or the goals they set. We caught up with Cav and Jordan, personal trainers at The Mere Golf Resort & Spa to find out their best tips for achieving fitness goals.

The main two things you need to consider when creating your plan are what and when.‘What’ is the exercise that you are considering doing, and what you want to achieve from it? The ‘what’ you want to achieve is going to be something personal to you. The best form of exercise for you is generally something you enjoy, rather than something you’ve been told to do. ‘When’ is how frequently are you going to train per week? We’d recommend if you’re just starting out, aim for three sessions per week.

Before you start, focus on short-term goals. When setting these short-term goals, you must be realistic as the idea is for these to be achieved within the first few weeks of consistently training to boost motivation and see progress. Once you understand the goal setting more you can look further and set long-term goals.

The aim for this change is to last and not just be another a couple of weeks or months. You want a lifestyle change rather than just a ‘diet’. Therefore, take it slow and steady and track your progress as you go.

If you’re looking for that extra support for your fitness plans in 2020, we have health club memberships available.

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