The Mere Bug Hotel has opened its doors…

Being home to over 150 acres of Cheshire countryside, our Greens Team are always finding new ways to do our bit for the local wildlife that call The Mere ‘home’. While carrying out their regular tree clearing by the 18th green, they spotted a new, exciting opportunity to use the logs to build a new stylish hotel at The Mere; The Bug Hotel!

Welcoming insects from across the grounds, the ecological Bug Hotel is made out of tree logs offering a warm and cosy place for all those passing by to come and rest their heads and admire the beautiful Mere Lake from their wooden windows.

It’s the perfect hideaway for our little guests to enjoy and we’re expecting to have plenty of visitors – from hedgehogs, toads, ladybirds and creepy crawlies popping in to see what all the fuss is about!

Keep an eye on our social channels where we will be sharing the latest updates on our VIP guests.