Meet Senior Fitness Coach, Cavin

Cavin Green is passionate about helping our Health Club guests and members to achieve their fitness goals.

At an early age, due to an unfortunate accident, Cavin suffered two broken vertebrae leaving him paralysed below the waist. Walking a few hundred metres was a huge challenge, and Cav had to develop his strength through dedicated training to overcome his injuries. During this time, his passion for fitness grew.

“We’re all experts when it comes to conjuring up reasons not to exercise; time constraints, gym phobia and procrastination. Pick a problem. But the truth, as we all know, is none of them are real barriers. A fractured spine and several operations… now that’s a proper excuse.”

His new-found passion for fitness led Cavin to develop his skills by qualifying as a personal trainer. His goal was to support others in achieving their own fitness goals, and overcoming any barriers that may stand in the way.

Specialising in high intensity interval training, boxing technique, boxing fitness, hypertrophy training and weight management programmes, Cavin works with our guests and members of The Mere Health Club to monitor and develop their performance.

Super friendly, extremely organised and highly motivational, Cavin brings his own brand of creativity to his personal training sessions and fitness classes. He loves to keep up to date with the latest fitness trends, and can often be found enjoying boxing sessions, and working on fresh new studio class.

We asked Cavin, “What three things could I not live without?”

“My family and friends, my dogs, and a healthy lifestyle.”