Maintaining a Championship Golf Course

15th green drainage system

To maintain high standards out on our Championship Golf Course, we require a team of talented Green Keepers the maintain, repair and use innovative ways to continuously improve the golf course for our members and golf visitors.

Over the recent years, and after a couple of very harsh winters, the 15th green began to suffer from drainage problems, often causing the golf team to close the green. After much research our Greens team began to install a sophisticated passive capillary drainage system. The system involves a series of intricate fiberglass woven ropes with a stainless steel mesh core, specifically designed to prevent biodegradation, that is then ploughed into the green at a depth of 600mm,

The rope sits at the bottom of sand brands that are installed at 1 metre intervals, this allows the surface water to be drawn down through the sand band into the rope where the natural gravitational pull and capillary system work together to draw the water out of the green and into an outlet trench, away from the area.

The sophisticated system took our talented team only two days to install, test and repair the course, allowing very minimal disruption to our golfers.

Since the installation, we’ve received up to 20mm of rain at any one time but the green has remained completely puddle free.

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