How to Plan a Corporate Golf Tournament

So, you’ve decided to host a corporate golf tournament? Smart move. Whether to network with industry peers or spend time getting to know a new client or partner, hitting the fairway is a great way to promote your brand and present yourself to the right people.


Of course, hosting a business golf event is much simpler on paper than it is in real life. With a whole host of logistics to consider, planning is crucial to guarantee your corporate golf day is a success from tee-off to the last hole.


To help you get your event right, here we offer a guide on planning a corporate golf tournament. Complete with practical tips and key things to consider, it’ll help your day go off without a hitch, even if we can’t keep you out of the bunkers.


Why Host a Corporate Golf Tournament?


Before we launch into the nitty-gritty of hosting a golf tournament, it’s worth reiterating why you should. After all, there may be some business professionals out there who aren’t 100% certain that a day of golf is the right approach for their brand.


·      Networking and exposure – a corporate golf day is a unique way to gain brand exposure and network with potential prospects. So, if you’ve tried hosting a conference without much success, a golf event may be an opportunity to try a different tack.

·      Client appreciation – if your clients and partners are big golf fans, inviting them for a game at their favourite local course is sure to go down well. Sharing a game is a great way to show your gratitude and appreciation, or schmooze your way towards negotiations.

·      An alternative to the boardroom – whoever said meetings need to take place in stuffy boardrooms? On a sunny day, the golf course is the ideal place to talk strategy or set the wheels in motion on a new project. So go on, bust out of the office and try something different – your colleagues and partners will thank you for it.

What makes a great corporate golf day

Planning a Corporate Golf Tournament: Checklist and Things to Consider


Whatever the scale of your corporate golf tournament, planning is key to getting the logistics right and ensuring a successful event. Here, we list all the things you’ll need to consider and plan for when organising a business golf day.


Set a Budget


Your overall event budget is one of the most important things to consider early in the planning process. This will ultimately dictate the size, scale, location, and logistics of the event, so clarity and control are needed to ensure that everything comes together without breaking the bank.


When budgeting for your corporate golf tournament, some of the biggest outlays will be the course, the catering, the number of players, and the awards. Be sure to account for all potential costs when budgeting for the event, so there are no surprises later down the line.


If you’re planning a large-scale tournament with a range of players, it could be worth seeking external sponsorship. Local businesses may be willing to offer monetary support in exchange for advertising space; you may even be able to ask participants to contribute to the event in exchange for marketing or other incentives.


Create Your Invite List


Coming up with a list of who to invite to your corporate golf event can be trickier than it sounds. With the logistics of play to consider, you need to ensure that there are enough participants for the tournament to work properly, while avoiding inviting people simply for the sake of making up numbers.


Remember, too, that golf isn’t for everyone, so only invite those clients, prospects, and partners you know will enjoy the day. You’ll also need to think about the format and style of tournament you’re planning, so you can get the numbers right and make sure that groups are of an even size. More on this below.

golfers on a corporate day out

Choose a Play Format for the Tournament


Whether you’re planning a corporate golf event for four or 40 players, getting the format right will help make things run smoothly throughout the event. Depending on the number of players and their level of experience, there are lots of options that can accommodate your guestlist – from traditional stroke play to specific tournament styles that are designed to maximise the amount of playable golf within a specific timeframe.


Say, for example, you have lots of players of varying skill levels; in this case, a ‘scramble’ style tournament, in which all golfers always play from the spot where the best previous shot landed, may be a good option. In contrast, if you’re planning a tournament aimed at seasoned players, a traditional match play, stroke play, or best ball tournament may bring that competitive edge and help your event stand out.


Pick a Date


Choosing the right date for your business golf tournament is something you’ll want to pin down early in your preparations. For major events that require a lot of planning, aim for at least six months in advance so you have plenty of organisation time. You also need to give invitees enough time to RSVP and pencil the event into their calendars.


When selecting a date, we’d recommend opting for a weekday to maximise the availability of prospective courses. Generally, courses are quieter from Monday to Friday, so your tournament can proceed without vying for space with too many other golfers (unless you plan to hire the entire course for the duration of the event).

Plan the Logistics


While the playing part will take care of itself, for your tournament event to run smoothly, you need to consider the general logistics of the day. How will people get to the course? What time will you serve lunch? And when and how will awards be presented to the winners? All these points are things you’ll want to consider when preparing for the event.


To help the logistics run smoothly, we’d recommend assembling a planning team or committee which will be responsible for organising the finer details of the tournament. With individuals tasked with planning different areas of the event, you can be sure everything is coming together as planned.

Finding a Suitable Golf Course


One of the most challenging parts of planning a corporate golf event is allocating a suitable golf course on which to play. You’ll need somewhere that suits your tournament style and level of experience, that’s easy to get to for most players, that’s within your budget, and available on your desired date. So, no pressure.


Choosing the right golf club can make your life easier from the get-go. From player registration and catering to general logistics and management; some clubs can offer more than just a playing surface, helping you with the planning and organisation of the event, and providing essential help and support on the day.


Organise Your Corporate Golf Event at The Mere


With 18 holes taking in the beautiful Cheshire countryside, the Championship Course at The Mere is the ideal location for your corporate golf event in the North West. Whether as a team-building exercise or as a way to network with potential clients, we’ll work with you to create the perfect event that suits all your requirements.


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