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Pure Luxury… Courtesy of CARITA

The team at our award-winning Spa are constantly working to ensure we offer the very best in skincare products, and those that work in harmony with our range of rejuvenating spa treatments.

As they say, it’s not the tools, it’s how you use them. So, we focus on products packed with ingredients that will turn a mundane massage… into a Mere makeover.

So, we were delighted to have luxury skincare brand, CARITA by our side when we opened The Mere Spa five years ago. And we continue to use their range of goodness-rich products as our variety of treatments continues to grow.

Why? We caught up with CARITA’s National Training Manager,  Hannah Foot to talk shop.



Hannah found her passion for the beauty business early in her career, studying at college before becoming Spa Manager for a boutique luxury health spa in Devon.  After managing a small team, she set her sights on a career within management and training, which lead her to London where she joined The Sanctuary Spa, coaching a team of over 30 therapists.

Hanah says she’s always wanted to work with the CARITA brand…

“I adore Carita and couldn’t live without my Lagoon range, it has completely transformed my skin!”

To ensure their unique and highly prestigious products are used to maximum effect,CARITA hand-select the Spas they choose to work with.

Only the best of the best locations and collaborations are chosen. We feel that The Mere Golf Resort & Spa is the perfect fit for CARITA’s Parisian heritage and luxury. They  go hand in hand.”

So what is it about CARITA’s products that sets them apart?

“CARITA products deliver results.”

Unlike many skincare products, the results are evident.

Hannah tells us; “I have never experienced the luminosity, the clarity or radiance that I have achieved by using CARITA , with any other product.”

Far from a miracle cream to turn back the clock on ageing skin, or freeze time for the twentysomethings, CARITA has the global answer to anti-ageing.

“We look at beauty as a whole rather than just what can be seen on the face or body.”


It’s this approach that makes their extremely versatile products the perfect complement to our large variety of spa treatments. Nutrient-rich products, used in a variety of ways for maximum results.

So, what about the science bit?

“CARITA is the harmonious union of technology, science and nature. This is the very heart ofCARITA’s global skincare philosophy. World renowned research and development combined with only the purest of ingredients has allowed us to create the very latest in anti-ageing and scientific discoveries.”

Not only are their products delivering clear results, they’re simultaneously redefining industry standards as many others strive to keep up with them.

Obviously we were keen to know which of their products would be Hannah’s top picks…

“I am addicted to Fluid De Beaute 14, CARITA’s iconic product. It’s rich in omegas and vitamins A & E keeps my skin supple and hydrated.”

Experience the luxury and treat yourself to one of our CARITA treatments in The Mere Spa.

Whether you’re heading off to exotic climes, or enjoying a sun-filled staycation, your summer glow awaits…