Step out in style with the latest in footwear innovation!  Footjoy’s Hyperflex golf shoe combines sleek design with slick technology to create footwear for golfer who loves to be ahead of the game.

Footjoy are already the world’s No. #1 golf shoe manufacturer thanks to their use of ground-breaking technology and truly unique designs.

Footjoy’s designers took their creative inspiration from architecture, such as the Leonard P. Zakin Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston, to produce a new FlexGrid upper that offers maximum comfort, strong support and waterproof protection.

This exoskeleton (which hasn’t been used before in the design of golf shoes)  is strong enough to keep the foot from rolling laterally during a golf swing, whilst allowing it to flex comfortably.

The HyperFlex FitBed adds further cushioning, with a layer of silicone ink on the insole to help ensure the foot stays secure and friction-free whilst walking.

“Our designers have carried out research in civil engineering and construction to create the distinguishing aesthetics of HyperFlex which are also fundamental to its performance,” says Doug Robinson, FootJoy vice president of design and development.

As a team that are passionate about innovation to better our game, we’re pleased to announce that the Hyperflex are now available to purchase in our Golf Shop, for £130.00.