Golf Tuition

If you’re in need of a little guidance, our resident golf instructors are on hand to help perfect your game.

Using state of the art technology, they’ll monitor and assess your performance to give you a clear picture of your game and how to give it more consistency. Our coaches will do this in a number of ways…


Flightscope uses doplar radar technology to track the golf ball, giving great feedback on the movement of the ball and your club.

This information helps to identify why you are seeing certain flights and how to fix them.

Flightscope is also a great tool for knowing your yardages, completing skills tests and making sure the equipment you are using is correct for you.

flightscope lesson cheshireVIDEO ANALYSIS

Video analysis allows our coaches view your swing and see which elements need improving. You can see how your swing improves from before and after, receiving video lesson notes to make sure you stay on the right track after your lesson is finished.


Bull 3D technology maps the body and shows your coach exactly how you are moving during the golf swing, highlighting areas of improvement that may not be identifiable in a 2D video. This is the most effective way of maximising distance and accuracy.


Boditrak helps to identify weight and pressure shift patterns. The golf swing starts from the ground up, so understanding how you interact with ground is crucial for maximising distance and consistency.

A few words from the experts at Cain Golf…

“Cain Golf is a young yet experienced and highly ambitious golf brand that specialises in tuition for beginners and experts, at our golf academy at The Mere Golf Resort & Spa.

Our coaches have a natural ability to spot the problems in your golf game and the knowledge to identify the root causes of these problems. This leads to longer lasting improvement and a much simpler approach to your game.

Our clients are the centre of our business and we believe in treating them all individually, providing them with the most enjoyable time possible. After all, golf is supposed to be fun!

Whilst the world is intent on investing in complicated systems and measuring devices, we are investing in our coaches and their professional development. Building highly skilled golf coaches with a depth of knowledge and a skill to articulate this in a simple, easy to follow and enjoyable manner.”