A Hive of Activity

With over 150 acres of Cheshire countryside to maintain, our Green Team are often finding new and innovative ways to do our bit for the local wildlife and environment.

So, when we noticed them buzzing about with their latest addition to the Mere, we thought it was a pretty sweet idea…

Welcome to the Mere Honeybees!

Getting themselves nicely settled in on top of our golf course, our new bees are already preparing for the summer ahead.

They’ll be getting busy pollinating all of the plants, and bringing beauty to the surrounding areas.

Alongside the expertise of a professional Beekeeper, our Green Team will care for our new hives, which we expect by the summer to contain between 80,000 and 10,000 honeybees.

They’ll help keep our plants pollinated, our blooms blossoming, and produce Mere honey which will no doubt be used within a suitably sumptuous dish created by our resident Chefs.

If you notice the bees about the resort, they won’t harm you. They’re simply finding their way around. If you look closely, you’ll make out their bee dance to let the others know where the food is!

We’ll keep you updated with how they’re getting on…