What’s happening outside The Mere?

What’s happening outside The Mere? 

Christmas well and truly arrived with an almighty BANG outside our arch last week. As presents, candy canes and snow fell from the sky, passers-by stopped in awe. With a cautious approach, we discovered a black cab which looked as if it was about to emerge from the Christmas trees and a festive sleigh, dressed every so magnificently!

From a gap in between all the children’s presents on the sleigh, a husky voice spoke out, informing us that he had been flying in the air with his reindeer’s until things went terribly wrong; “Dasher went dashing, Dancer went dancing, Prancer went prancing, Vixen went fixing, Comet and Cupid went smooching, Donner is a goner, Blitzen wasn’t listening, and Rudolph? Well, he’s up ahead, driving the taxi”.

Que a few scratching of heads and ‘it can’t be so’, we quickly realised that onboard was Santa Claus.

Santa. Here. Outside The Mere.

Fighting our way through endless presents for the children in Knutsford, we helped rescue Santa from his sleigh. After all of the reindeer’s each going their own way, it left Santa no other option but to hire a black cab in the hope that he’d be able to fly it all the way back to the North Pole but sadly, it didn’t quite make it. We think he was being polite but we think it may have been down to Rudolph’s driving skills, but we’re not here to judge…

After all of the commotion, we thought Santa needed a bit of R&R and have given him a cosy room to relax in, and left carrots around the resort and on the golf course for the reindeer’s to return (which they all have now) PHEW. Since he has been here, the resort has turned into a festive wonderful and has left us all believing in the magic of Christmas!

Santa loved it so much here that he’s booked in now until 1st December for our Santa Sunday Lunch so he can make an appearance, but then we’ll be waving him back off to the North Pole to help his elves with the final Christmas prezzies!